The worldwide Augustana College experience

My name is Jessica Launius, and I am from Des Plaines, Ill. I am a senior at Augustana College majoring in mathematics and secondary education, and am excited to be studying abroad in Jamaica, where I will be teaching at a high school in inner-city Kingston. I will be posting about my adventures as I try to experience as much of the island as possible during my two-week trip!

Kingston: A City Overshadowed

We arrived in Kingston on Sunday night and began the second portion of our trip. From Monday onwards, I have been teaching math to the students at the Alpha Girls’ School, an academy in inner-city Kingston, and, during this time, it has become obvious that Kingston is a city overshadowed, both literally and figuratively.  

Even the Roads Have Rhythm

After leaving Runaway Bay, we moved as a group to Boston Bay, and are currently staying at The Great Huts, a series of open-air treehouses in a jungle-like setting, about three hours from the last stop. My current room has a full view of the ocean, and we’ve lived waking up to the sun and […]

Daylight Come and Me No Wan Go Home

Day three on the island.   It’s hard to try writing something that sums up my experience so far. We arrived in Montego Bay around 1:30pm on Monday, and then drove across the island to reach Destination 1: Jewel Resorts Runaway Bay, which is exactly what it sounds like ladies and gents, the honeymooners’ paradise, […]