The worldwide Augustana College experience

Wah gwan everyone? (That’s “What’s up?” in Jamaican patois.) My name is Ashley LaGrow, and I’m a senior Elementary Education major here at Augie. I will be experiencing the beautiful country of Jamaica for twelve days over spring break, where I am beyond ecstatic to be teaching music and life skills at the Alpha Boys School in Kingston. During my journey near the equator, I will be blogging about my vibrant experiences and try to do them as much justice as I can through words and photos alone.

The Alpha Boys

I have an airplane pack of cookies and a small cup of watered down apple juice accompanying my iPad on my fold down airplane tray. As I look out the window trying to figure out how to sum up this past week, the small snowy fields below remind me that I’m not in Jamaica anymore.I […]

Total Jamaican Immersion

It’s the end of the first week of the trip, and I’m still in denial.  Denial that it’s halfway over.  Denial that I’m even here. We moved on from the resort and moved into the Great Huts on Wednesday.  Talk about a lifestyle change.  While my hut has two bathrooms, one is completely outdoors and […]

Living Jamaica

I am here. This is Jamaica. I have tried to snap myself out of this beautiful illusion so many times, but I am beyond grateful that this is reality. Leaving campus at 4 am, getting on the plane, and even flying over the ocean didn’t make it hit me. Living Jamaica did. After the long […]