The worldwide Augustana College experience

Step Three: Gates and Education

The thing that surprised me the most about Kingston was simply how many gates there were everywhere. It seemed every building from the alpha girl school to the hotel to the grocery store everything had a gate. The reason I was shocked was not because the gates were strange to me, but how could a […]

Step Two: Waves

I do not know a lot about myself, as I am sure no one really does, but I do know that I love playing in waves. As a waves comes crashing at me I cannot help to make a large giggle as it crashes over my body as I let the wave crash and take […]

Stop One: Resort and happiness

Coming into Jamaica I was ready to be in paradise to see the beautiful beaches and to be embraced by such a unique culture. As we drove to the resort we had the opportunity to see the beautiful land and see everything around us. It was clear that a large part of the area we […]