The worldwide Augustana College experience

Hi! I am Kate Fulginiti, a junior at Augustana majoring in economics and business finance. In Australia, my internship is in event planning at the Sydney Observatory. Built in 1858, the observatory is both a historical landmark and museum/planetarium located next to the Opera House and Harbor Bridge. Some of my duties include organizing different events for the International Year of Astronomy and coordinating a Valentine’s Day celebration “under the stars.”

Truly Remarkable

As I’m staring out the fourth floor library window right now (bundled up in my winter fleece), the cold draft serves as an unpleasant reminder how far away I am from Sydney, Australia. The last month has been a blur—containing heaps (a popular Australian word) of exciting adventures, humorous encounters, and sad goodbyes.  The following […]

The Wet-Sundays….

Life is good


Houston we have a problem….

  Wednesday was “Party Day” at the Sydney Observatory; day -to -day tours and events in the museum stopped while approximately 120 ambitious youngsters participate in numerous astronomical activities.  Rocket launch, an extensive paper airplane station, and face painting were set up outside, along with a harp player and gelato (ice cream meets sorbet) stand.  […]

Drowned Rats and Sun-dried Tomatoes

I met Rob, a Chicago native, in the Sydney airport Friday morning.  As we stood in line to exchange currency, I learned that Rob had just quit his job at a large banking firm in Chicago to travel Australia for two months.  It turns out that Rob, who is about to turn 40, recently realized […]

In 24 hours…

I leave good ole’ Springfield IL in 24 hours and will not be back until March 7. It finally hit me last night  that I will be spending the next two months in Australia. Ha!  Yes, I am whole-heartedly excited, but completely overwhelmed with the things still need to get done today. What have I […]