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Viver Salvador!

Last night I was talking to my mom on Facebook and she told me she hadn’t seen any blog updates lately. I told her I would get some posts up by today so here we go! 20 October 2014

Gardens and free days and statues, oh my!

11 October 2014 This was a free day, and I’ll be honest, I didn’t do anything all day. Well that’s a little bit of a lie. I did laundry, I cleaned the hotel room, I Skyped my family, I bought some groceries, but other than that I did nothing. 12 October 2014

Morro de Providencia and LAPA

Another busy day to add to the books. Today we went to class, visited Morro de Providencia, and had reservations at two music venues in LAPA. In class we covered more about the hip-hop culture that is present in LAPA. After class we had time to get lunch before heading to the metro station to […]

Museo de Indio and Maracana

Yesterday was a pretty busy day. We started out with going to the Museo de Indio and looking at the exhibit that they currently have on the Ashinaka tribe. The exhibit contained many pictures of the indigenous people in their traditional clothes and with the traditional paint patterns on their faces. There were also examples […]

Carnavalesco and Fejoada

Today we got to talk to a carnavalesco who is a 23 year veteran of the field. He works with all sorts of schools, from top tier schools such as Mangueira to local schools to parades in other parts of the country. His talk today was about how traditional folk art aspects of Brazilian life […]

Rio de Janeiro

You may have noticed that it’s been a few day’s since my last post about our flight being cancelled. We have safely made it to Rio and are settling in comfortably. We have had a busy few days though, so here’s a recap of what has happened since the last post. 3 October 2014 – […]


So we found out this morning that our flight from O’Hare to Dallas was cancelled. As Astin put it “that’s a downer”.  So after a long couple of hours in O’Hare we had our flight rebooked to tomorrow. A few of us decided to stay in Chicago for the night, while others went home. New […]

What I packed…

One of the biggest questions that people have when traveling is what to pack. There are plenty of lists out there on suggestions of what to take on an international trip, but here is a list and pictures of what I am bringing to Brazil in my purse, my suitcase, and my carry-on bag. In […]

50 hours…

until we leave! Our flight leaves at 3pm on Thursday so we are getting done to the final moments before the trip. I did some last minute shopping today picking up magazines to read on the plane and a cord so I can attach my camera to the tablet. So with that I have a […]

Brazil 2014!

At this time on Thursday we will be on the plane to Dallas to make our connecting flight to Rio! I can’t believe that we leave this week. Today I finished packing all my bags. My suitcase weighs 27 pounds, so I will have plenty of space for bringing home presents! Up until this point […]