The worldwide Augustana College experience

Last Weekend in Sydney, Australia : Wine and Beaches

Dear Sydney, It seems both achingly slow and extremely quickly that my time here as led to my final weekend in Sydney, Australia. Missing family, friends, and a significant other has let the time feel as if I’ve been here forever. In contrast, my internship and constant weekend plans and trips have let the slip […]

The Days of Jager and Surf Camp

Dear Sydney, Thursday: So this past Thursday, February 13, the Brown-Forman office had their monthly brand awareness party in the office. ¬†As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, at the beginning of February I changed all the decorations in the office to Jegarmeister. Apparently that also means that there is a “Building Brand Awareness” […]

Home isn’t always a place…

Dear Sydney, I will apologize upfront. Given my current mood, this is going to be pretty reflective and not so much informational. From last Thursday to today (Wednesday), a few things pretty cool happened, but what really struck me these last few days specifically are the relationships I have in my life. Not just the […]

No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive. -Mahatma Gandhi

Dear Sydney, You have so much diversity and culture here it is unbelievable. I am honestly so surprised that it has taken me this long to see this side of Sydney. I have gotten and will get to yet experience some of the most amazing cultural traditions and expressions this week and I feel so […]

I Met Nemo!

Dear Sydney, Wow did you exhaust me this past week! Since this past Monday so much has happened. For starters, Wednesday: me and the rest of my CAPA group from Augie had our first ‘academic’ class of our time here. The class is taught by a younger lady and it’s mostly to help us work […]

A new side of Sydney

Dear Sydney, I probably shouldn’t be writing to you today given my mind is not really here. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was jealous of you who are home in the cold, but with your friends, family, and loved ones. I was told by more than one person that time which […]

So.. Jack Daniels anyone?

Dear Sydney, Why must I say goodbye to the Australia Vacation? Do I REALLY have to work full time in the gorgeous place with wonderful weather and no shortage of sunshine? MUST I sit at a computer from 9-5? Yes, I know. I’m going to hell for complaining about working in Australia. But for real, […]

Blessings from Down Unda

Hello Sydney Australia