The worldwide Augustana College experience

Hi there! My name is Hannah and I’m a junior from Conifer, Colorado. I’m studying Anthropology and French at Augustana and I am so excited to be going to Ireland this spring term! While taking 3 classes (Literature, Anthropology and Botany) in Ireland, I will also be conducting research for my Anthropology Senior Inquiry about how the Irish tell the story of the Troubles of Northern Ireland. During my term abroad I’ll be posting photos and blogs of our adventures, so stay tuned!

Leaving Killarney

We just arrived in Ennis in Co. Clare earlier this afternoon. This meant a few things: 1) We had to leave a place many of us had come to love  , 2) that we needed to reorient to yet another new area, and 3) that we actually have decent internet access. Here’s an update on […]

Happy Easter from Killarney!

Hallooo Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Our hotel in Killarney has only limited WiFi in the lobby, so accessing the internet is rather difficult. Also, we’ve been incredibly busy so finding time to blog…with limited internet…in a room where everyone is trying to get on the internet is just not a top priority. […]

St. Patrick’s Day Weekend-Dublin

We’ve had quite the eventful first week here in Dublin. We spent the greater part of the week getting accustomed to Ireland and oriented to the city…and the rest of the week getting excited for this weekend. That’s right, it’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend, and Dublin plays host to 4 days of events and activities. […]

Good Morning, Dublin

We finally made it to Dublin around 2pm – after about 15 hours of travelling. The 6 of us who ended up travelling together had little problems with the immigration officers at the Dublin airport, so entering the country was easy enough. We were greeted by Dr. McDowell and we hopped on a bus to […]