The worldwide Augustana College experience

Don’t Blink.

  Time is flying! So much has happened since I last posted. Honestly any down time I have is usually spent planning the next adventure. I think I will be fully taking advantage of the fifteen hour flight home to catch up on sleep. Well, shall we begin?

Painting the Town.

  Life has been good. We’ve been able to do so much out here it’s unreal. Things I never thought I would that’s for sure. I guess that is what traveling and studying abroad are all about; experience and living.

Cheese Please.

Our week of shenanigans before our internships start is quickly coming to a close. However, I will say that we have made the absolute most of it. After our Blue Mountain and kangaroo petting escapade, we settled down and had our internship orientation with the CAPA advisors (the Sydney representatives in charge of our abroad […]

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles…

We made it! After approximately 25 hours of travel, we finally arrived in beautiful Sydney, Australia. After the long journey, I am very thankful to have two feet firmly on the ground. International travel was quite the process. I’m unsure if our matching Augustana tank tops worked as more of a blessing or a curse […]