The worldwide Augustana College experience

Showing Off My Australian Pride

After a week of good progress at work, I was ready for a great weekend. It began Friday morning when our group got to take a tour of the Sydney Opera House. It was an amazing opportunity to see the most famous landmark on the continent. The tour took us to some backstage areas, a […]

Making the Most of My Free Time

Being in Australia in January means that I get the opportunity to go to Melbourne to see the Australian Open tennis tournament. It’s not every day that a grand slam tennis event is a quick flight away, so I definitely had to take advantage of the situation. I flew down to Melbourne on Friday and […]

Working Like a Dog

Though I have thoroughly enjoyed my free time for my first week in Sydney, it was time to finally do the thing I came here to do: work. Monday, I met with my bosses at Bowls NSW, and we discussed what I would be doing throughout my six week internship. I am the Sports Development […]

Keep the Good Times Rolling

My days of “vacation” quickly came to an end, but I was able to have some fun before the seriousness starts. On Saturday, I took advantage of sleeping in for the first time on this trip because I did not have anything specific that I wanted to do. Still, that afternoon I went with my […]

The Olympic Dream

Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly have any better days that what I have already had in Sydney, I was proven wrong. I have seen downtown Sydney, I have visited places that I only have dreamed about visiting, and I have already have made memories with good friends, so how can it get better? […]

Oh, I Really Am in Sydney

One thing is for sure about my time in Sydney so far: my feet hate me for how much I have been walking. All of my days so far in Sydney have consisted of walking miles upon miles around the city. On Sunday, my day consisted of nothing more complex than just strolling around. Some […]

My Crazy First Days

So just when I thought that things were going to go smoothly with my journey to the Land Down Under, travel got in the way. To begin, it took over a half an hour just to check in for my flight at O’Hare because the lady behind the desk (bless her heart) had to jump […]

Thoughts on the Day Before the Trip

As I am preparing to leave for Australia, there are multiple thoughts running through my mind. First, laundry sucks. It never ends. I need to get rich enough to have someone do it for me or marry someone who loves dealing with my dirty filth.