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Emancipate Yourselves from Mental Slavery

Note:  Jamaica Program Co-Director Mike Egan is auditing Paul Olsen’s African American Literature course in the spring of 2018.  This blog post represents Mike’s response to one of the prompts on the first exam of the term.  English 237:  African American/Black Literature

Boston Bay Goodbye

As we arrived at the airport in Jamaica, I was mixed with feelings of sorrow and excitement. Although I was excited to get home to my family (and my cats) whom I missed dearly, I was also somber to be leaving a place in which I had created so many memories. Our trip was concluded […]

Jamaica Journal 2: I Love Alpha

The Alpha Primary School will forever hold a special place in my heart. I had no idea what to expect when going there and had so many questions: What grade would I be placed in? Would I be expected to teach? If so, what would I teach? I was also nervous because I was not […]

Journal #3: Great Huts at Boston Bay

Our trip has come to a close after 12 days of being on this wonderful island. We ended our journey at the Great Huts at Boston Bay, about a half hour from Port Antonio. We stayed in huts that were more rustic than the past two places because they were open air rooms, meaning we […]

Boston Bay and Port Royal: Forward, But to Where?

By the time we had arrived at the last stop in our journey together, I was certain this experience had ranked as one of the most significant in my life thus far.  I had done and seen so much that merited remembering, met so many incredible people, got to see anew those I had already know. […]

Jamaica Blog #3

The tail end of the trip was a very interesting experience. Upon completion of our time at the Alpha Schools, we drove through the Blue Mountains to Boston Bay on the northwestern side of the island. Here we were again greeted by a luxurious resort, set up in the style of huts perched on top […]

Tail end of the trip

We spent the tail end of our trip at the Great Huts. This was such a great experience, because it didn’t have quite the same luxury as an all-inclusive resort. The hut I stayed in was called the Bamboo Garden. It consisted of a white sandy floor, a toilet and bathtub without walls or curtains […]

Great Huts, Boston Bay

Although Kingston was incredible with experiences and memories I will retain for the rest of my life, I was excited to have a change of pace and slow down from the intensity of a large city. Over the mountain we went and I thought the Blue Mountains were so cool, and even though I am […]

Blog 3: Goodbye Jamaica

As I sit on the flight leaving Jamaica, I have a lot of the same feelings that I did when I was flying back from Nicaragua. However, I believe my experiences I have had in the last couple years traveling abroad helped me have an even better experience on this trip than I otherwise would […]

Blog 2: Alpha School for Boys

On this trip to Jamaica, we had the opportunity to spend four days at the Alpha Institute which consists of the Alpha Primary School, the Alpha Academy for Girls, and the Alpha School for Boys. I chose to spend my four days at the Alpha School for Boys where boys, who normally wouldn’t get a […]