The worldwide Augustana College experience

My name is Caroline Gschwend and I’m the one responsible for this little section of the Augie blogosphere. I’m a senior political science major who is involved with Politics Club and community service on campus; I’m also a tutor in the Reading/Writing Center. I will be spending six fabulous weeks in Brazil, and narrating my adventures there. Post-graduation, who knows where I’ll be (if anyone does, let me know), but hopefully it will involve travel and helping people.

Some Observations

Hello again, friends! As is probably obvious at this point, I made it to Salvador alive… albeit very very tired that first day. Our poor host mom, Selma, was cooking us dinner, and by the time it was ready my roommate and I were both passed out–my roomie in her bedroom, and myself on the couch […]

Let Me Take You to Rio

Well, it’s been nine days here in Rio. A lot has happened, but I’m a bit short on time right now since we have to leave at 5:45 tomorrow morning to catch our flight to Salvador. I can’t believe the time has gone by so fast, and the crack of dawn is not when I […]

New Year, New Country

It’s official—only three days left before I head off to Brazil!! I am unbelievably excited, but incredibly nervous as well. The reason for my excitement is probably obvious; who wouldn’t love going to Brazil right now? But why am I nervous? Because this experience is so completely different from anything I’ve ever done before. And […]