The worldwide Augustana College experience

My name is Sophie Ali and I am currently a senior at Augustana. My major is Multi-Media Journalism & Mass Communication and I am minoring in Spanish. Apart from being a full-time student, I also work for Augustana’s Web Services department and am the campus leader at Spring Forward Learning Center.

Saying goodbye to Brazil

After spending most of my day in natural pools in the ocean in Maceio, I am sitting in my hotel room reminiscing about my time spent in Brazil.  It feels like it was just yesterday that I got off the plane in Rio de Janeiro, anxiously awaiting to discover what adventures would follow in the […]


I tried blogging while we were in Brasilia, but the internet connection didn’t work very well,  so here is my blog that I was going to post but wasn’t able to: Last Thursday we were forced to leave Salvador earlier than originally planned because of concerns due to the police strike.  While I cannot speak […]

Greetings from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil!

As much as I loved Rio, I think that I like Salvador even more. Upon arriving in Salvador, we immediately went to a reception where we met the families that we would be staying with for about two weeks.  While I waited for my family to arrive, I was very nervous and excited… it was […]

Life in Rio

Where to even begin…..Brazil is so beautiful and sunny that I have been spending all of my time outside and have been slacking on my blogging! Since we have already been here for a week and I could practically write a novel about all of our adventures so far, I am going to highlight some of  my […]


Bom dia a todos!! As I walked out of Old Main on Friday of last week, after my last class for the day, it was really surreal to think that it was the last time I would be walking on campus until March.  I know that I am going to miss my friends and family, […]