The worldwide Augustana College experience

My name is Greg Patton and I am a Junior Accounting and Political Science major with a minor in Geography. I am from Bloomington Illinois and am the youngest of 6 siblings. I run mens track at augie and am also involved with Young Life, Student Government Association, and Rho Nu Delta Fraternity. Brazil will be my first international experience.

Looking back on it all

Brazil has been one heck of a journey. From muggings, to purse snatchers, police strikes, to skipped cities there have been few dull moments here. Now that I have had a chance to look back on my predictions and thoughts prior to Brazil I have realized that some perceptions have changed while others were reinforced. […]

It´s all downhill from here…

A lot of things have happened since I last blogged. The group is now split up into two hostels in Barra, a neighborhood not too far from the university we were studying at. I say were because we have had to have classes in our hostel this week due to a police strike that has […]


After a few days in Salvador the contrast to Rio is quite strong. We are no longer in “touristy” Ipanema beach where the beaches were scattered with flawless guests from all walks of life. My home is now located in Amerilina, a community within Salvador with a highly concentrated Afro Brazilian population. By the end […]

First few days of Rio

It all started at 6 15am the day of our flight when I woke up so my sister could take me to the bus station. My bus got me to Ohare by around 10am, and our flight didnt leave until 3pm. My luggage came in at 60lbs and 14lbs for my carry on. I spent […]

Expectations for Brazil

Throughout the 4 completed weeks I have been attending my classes for Brazil and the seminar, my views and expectations on what to expect in Brazil have changed to some degree from those I had initially when the term began. In the seminar we have had guest speaker’s talk with us about how to respectfully […]