The worldwide Augustana College experience

Brazil: Final Reflections

Its so disappointing to have to say this, but this will be my last post. Being back in America although great seeing family and friend, is a disheartening truth. To think I was on a beach a week ago and its 30 outside now, is a sad reality. Flipping through thousands of pictures, all I […]

Reflections of Brazil Term 2012

As I began learning about Brazil during the first half of Winter term I was incredibly fearful of the country and our upcoming travels. I thought that I was going to definitely have all of my things stolen and it was likely that I would be abducted and entered into the sex trade. At the […]


Maceio is well known for its beauty and I can easily see why. The beaches are incredibly pretty; the water is a clear blue/green and it meets the sky which is pure blue and fluffy white clouds. All around are colors and boats and people and excitement. I love it. Mariano’s dad, who is currently […]


Brasilia was definitely the most…interesting… city that we visited. It is the capital of the country and is one of the few planned capitals in the world. The designers decided to section off the city based on category. For instance, there is a hotel district, a food district, a governmental district, a nightlife district, etc. […]


As I was not too in love with Salvador in my first few days there, my uncertainty didn’t last long and all in all Salvador is a nice city full of culture and history. Pelourinho is a district of the city that is full of both of these things, shops, Capoeira, museums, art, etc. We’ve […]

Maceio, Carnival 2012

Oi! Our final stop of Brazil has been the most amazing, but tranquil of the places we have visited. Maceio is a smaller town on the coast, which is home to the most beautiful beaches, people and sights of all of Brazil. It is a significant change from the futuristic city sights of Brasilia, which […]

Saying goodbye to Brazil

After spending most of my day in natural pools in the ocean in Maceio, I am sitting in my hotel room reminiscing about my time spent in Brazil.  It feels like it was just yesterday that I got off the plane in Rio de Janeiro, anxiously awaiting to discover what adventures would follow in the […]


I tried blogging while we were in Brasilia, but the internet connection didn’t work very well,  so here is my blog that I was going to post but wasn’t able to: Last Thursday we were forced to leave Salvador earlier than originally planned because of concerns due to the police strike.  While I cannot speak […]

Buses, planes and police strikes

Hello all! As all have heard, the situation here has been very eventful, but in my opinion very fun. We moved away from our family stay which was very tough. Julieta was the first and best Brazilian mother I have ever had, and leaving her food was difficult. We made the move to Barra, a […]

Salvador First Impressions

When I arrived in Salvador I had quite an interesting experience with my first homestay (I say first because I have since been moved for safety reasons). Here is the abridged version: Deanna, Rachel and I were placed in a home that was two doors down from a favela (and not a welcoming one like […]