The worldwide Augustana College experience

Trinidad Day 10: Back to the States

Our journey to Trinidad & Tobago comes to an end today. We are all sad to say goodbye to the islands. Before driving to the airport, we spent a couple of hours at the mall doing some last minute souvenir shopping and had our last Trini meal of the trip. This trip has been an […]

Trinidad Day 9: Back to Trinidad

This morning we took a flight back to Port of Spain, Trinidad. We are staying in dorm rooms at the University of West Indies. Before going to the university, we went to eat at Trincity which is the largest mall in Trinidad. It wasn’t quite as massive as Woodfield Mall in the Chicagoland, but there […]

Trinidad Day 8: Snorkel & Game In Tobago

After two days off, today we got back into the soccer routine. We got up at 7 to practice. Amazingly it’s as hot at 7AM as it is in the afternoon. We came back to the guesthouse, ate breakfast, and headed to Pigeon Point beach. We got on a glass bottom boat and headed out […]

Trinidad Day 7: Tour de Tobago

We woke up early this morning to take a flight from Trinidad to Tobago. It’s about a twenty minute flight on a small propeller plane. About 10 minutes after taking off they came over the intercom and said to prepare for landing. Once in Tobago, we had to drive to the port to find Scott […]

Trinidad Day 6: Day at the beach

Today was a relaxation day after 3 straight game days. We woke up and drove up through the mountains and back down to get to Maracas beach. It was a breathtaking view with the ocean and mountains in the background, like a screen saver picture on someone’s computer. We had a blast splashing in the […]

Trinidad Day 5: It’s Carnival Time

Today was our third consecutive game day. We woke up all feeling sore from the past three days. For breakfast, we drove to a street vendor who was selling “doubles”. Doubles consists of sweet pita bread with spicy chick pea mixture on top. The best part is that the meal was only 4 Trinidad dollars […]

Trinidad Day 4: “It’s Raining Cats & Stray Dogs!”

Today’s theme was rain. Not just a drizzle, two tropical downpours that happened to be at the times we were playing soccer. There was no lightning though, and so the rain was a nice way to cool off. It also provided for some interesting field conditions. We had a light practice at 10AM this morning, […]

Trinidad Day 3: Game @ Queens Royal College

Today we woke up and had some eggs & sausage for breakfast. Then we went to the pool for a little while before it rained. For lunch we had homemade roti which consists of thin tortilla-like bread that you use to scoop a mixture of vegetables and meat. It is definitely a delicious comfort food. […]

Trinidad Day 2: On Top of the World

Since we were all still trying to recover from yesterday’s long travels, we went on a road run rather than practicing in the morning. It was extremely hot and humid, even more so than the Quad Cities. After showering, we got lunch from Chinee’s Barbeque (as opposed to Chinese food). The prices seemed pretty steep […]

Trinidad Day 1: Two planes and a bus

Day 1: Leaving on a jet plane Today’s the day! We all met at O’Hare Airport this morning at 10AM for our 12:30PM flight to Miami. We flew on a huge 777 Jet to Miami. Even in coach where we were sitting, each seat had a personal TV and we were able to pick what […]