The worldwide Augustana College experience

It’s all “hakuna matata”

Today we woke up bright and early, or, well at least as early as we could considering we had spent over 30 hours being awake the previous two days. Seeing as it was Tuesday, most of the big museums were closed as part of an agreement to stay open on Sundays (when just about everything […]

Photos from Paris

Ok, so I mentioned the part about getting crushed by a train, but I seemingly left out the rest of our first day in Paris… Essentially we were so tired, we did not exactly do much… we dropped our bags off at Hotel Stella, found some lunch at a Boulangerie across the street, and walked […]

Zain vs train

Today’s key phrase was “it was Zain vs. train”… you’ll understand in a minute of you keep reading… The whole the day seems like such a blur due to the fact that we jumped forward through so many time zones so quickly! Although the plane ride went smoothly, I can’t say that the smoothness of […]

T-minus eight hours

So since I am short on time, I will try to keep this entry short. Right now its 8 hours before I board my flight from O’Hare and begin an unimaginable journey through France. Paris, NĂ®mes, and Dijon… those are going to be three main hubs during our trip… Essentially we will be sightseeing in […]