The worldwide Augustana College experience

…and we’re back!

The Augustralians of 2011 are back in the U.S.! At least, I’m pretty sure all of us made it back. If anyone’s still down under…then oops! The last few weeks were a whirlwind adventure. We all wrapped up our internships about 2 weeks ago. It was kind of a bittersweet moment. My supervisors definitely went […]

I’ve taken 1,078 pictures in Australia…

…and there are no signs of stopping. Yep, I’ve already almost exhausted an 8GB memory card. No worries, though…I got a 4GB backup for Cairns/Great Barrier Reef trip coming up this weekend! Can you dig it? I’m definitely excited to wrap up the internship experience and get some serious relaxation and sun in before heading […]

I never want to leave!

Last week was very eventful! Carly and I decided to not waste a night and go out to a different place every night that we had never been before! On Sunday we went to the Chinese New Years parade and then went to Darling Harbour where we saw fireworks and checked out Choi Bar.  On […]

Australia Day 2011 to Internship..s

Hi America, It’s a been a while and I’ve neglected you…but Australia has my undivided attention at the moment! I finally started my internships (yes, plural) and have been hard at work 8 hours a day, 4 days per week. It’s not so much that the jobs are hard, but adjusting to work culture from […]

Celebrating Australia Day

This past week was great; it was very busy and exciting.  Within my internship I continued to work on my assignment from the previous weeks, which included researching the history of a nearby town called Lane Cove, and writing narratives for the station to use as commercials.  On Wednesday we got the day off work […]

Downtown Chatswood

This past week for my internship, my site supervisor was out of town at a music conference so the radio station has been pretty quite.  Typically there are countless people in and out of the station all day every day, yet this week was very relaxed.  I still proceeded to come in and get hours […]

Living it up..down under

G’day everyone… It’s hard to believe we’ve already been in Australia for just about two weeks now.  Time flies! Most of us are now settling into our internships and becoming independent, student-professionals. Most of us. I have yet to start my internship yet, which is a bit frustrating. My interview went well last week and […]

Life in Australia…

The first week of our internships has come and gone.  For me, the interview process was simple.  I introduced myself, had an informal chat, took a tour, and got to work.  Reflecting back on my first week of work, it was interesting to say the least.  I really liked all of my co-workers and my […]

The begining

So far we have been in Australia for a week and so much has gone on!  Recovering from the 15 hr plane ride was tough, but so worth it.  The weather stays in the upper 80’s with sunshine almost daily!  Within the last week we have gone to the blue mountains, bondi beach, the rocks, […]

G’Day from Down Under!

G’Day Augustana, Us “Augustralians” arrived down under last Tuesday. We’ve pretty much hit the ground running and haven’t really stopped since. It’s definitely been an exciting and exhausting few days. Once we landed, I fully expected that with 68 of us, someone was bound to lose luggage or a limb. Thankfully everyone arrived intact with […]