The worldwide Augustana College experience

Konichiwa! My name is Phil Litchfield, and I’m a senior majoring in history and Asian studies, with minors in Spanish and Latin American studies. Normally, I’m you’re average Augie student, but this term I’m in the midst of traveling throughout Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. Back in the US, I’m a member of the Rho Nu Delta Fraternity, as well as a member of Augie’s golf team. I’m keeping a journal while traveling, and I’m looking forward to sharing some of my enlightening, awe-inspiring, and just plain embarrassing stories!

Mysterious as the dark side of the moon…

I couldn’t talk about China without a Mulan reference, so I figured I’d get it out in the title… Well, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in China, is nothing really goes as planned. Everything’s flexible…Deadlines are more like guidelines, and a meeting can start thirty minutes late and still be socially acceptable. China likes […]

Are we back in the States?

September 30th Today after class, we went south to the Kowlung side of Hong Kong Bay. The view from this side was spectacular–its the first skyline I’ve seen that can compare to Chicago. It stretches for what seems like forever along the water, with towering skyscrapers that make thirty floor buildings look small. We continued […]

The Taipei Two Step

Before I start, I just want to ask everyone to keep the Nolan and Ericson families in our prayers. Ann made the first half of our travels in Japan and Taiwan a wonderful experience, and our hearts go out to her and her family. Sorry again for the delay….Turns out there’s an awful lot to […]

The End of the End

September 13th After class on Monday, the group took a bus tour of Japan, where a few things really stuck out to me. First of all, the traffic actually wasn’t that bad. I feel like I’ve had worse times driving on I-55 near Chicago than our bus driver had in downtown Tokyo. Granted, it was […]

The Beginning of the End

Sorry for the delay! But here’s my first collection of Tokyo posts. In Tokyo, we stayed at the Olympic Youth Center, where the athletes stayed for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics…It was an awesome central location in Tokyo, right next to Yoyogi Park and about a half mile from a subway stop. It was also affordable…About […]

Pottery and Taiko and Tea, Oh My!

Sorry for the delay! I’m in Tokyo right now, and there’s an awful lot to do here..Hopefully I’ll be all caught up in the next week or so September 5th


September 1st Getting ten friends through a Japanese subway station is a pain. Getting eighty students through? That’s a nightmare. The whole group went through three stations leaving mass destruction and utter chaos in a our wake on our way from Kyoto to Hiroshima . My personal favorite moment was when everyone got on the […]

Hello Kyoto

August 25th Adventures today started just after class. We wandered into an arcade, which was pretty cool. It sounded like a Vegas casino inside, but with crane games instead of slot machines. Except here, they’re known as UFO Catchers, not crane games…We also played the Japanese version of Guitar Hero…Taiko Drum Hero. After seeing a […]

Oh Deer!

August 24th Today was Nara. Yet again, I’ve been struck by the welcoming nature of many Japanese. On the train, I got gum from a little Japanese lady who was excited to meet such an okii gaijin (big foreigner). I joked with a little Japanese boy, who mocked me for my okii-ness. I laughed with […]

It’s Oosaka…Not oSaka…

So, I know I’m a little late on this whole blogging bandwagon, but I’ll do my best to catch up. I’ll do my best to post a serious of journal entries for each city, but the timing may be delayed due to lack of internet access. Anyways, here are some of my Osaka adventures! This […]