The worldwide Augustana College experience

Kyoto – The “New” Land

I was too busy preparing for my presentation at Hitachi Construction Machinery’s headquarter that I couldn’t have time to write about my amazing trip to Kyoto – ┬áthe former capital, as well as one of the oldest cities in Japan. Kyoto, to me, was magnificent, in the way that the city was beautifully surrounded by […]

That Is My Ninja Way

Greetings! After traveling from Tokyo, we arrived in Minakuchi. It is in the countryside, so it is very different from Tokyo. I like it. Anyway, we were taken to our hotel by some employees from Hitachi Tierra, that we will be visiting tomorrow. Then they took us to a ninja house. It is the only […]

Kusatsu Onsen & Tsukiji Market

Yesterday was an absolutely great but a little tiring day. We had a great traditional breakfast which consisted of a another broth with vegetables and mushrooms that I got to cook eggs in! I love having that fire at the table and cooking things in the soup. It’s a lot of fun! Anyway, we traveled […]

A Traditional Side of Japan: Shima Onsen

Today we traveled awhile in order to visit Shima Onsen in Gunma Prefecture. The trip has proved to be well worth it too. In case you are unfamiliar with onsen, it is a hot spring. It is similar to a hot bath with 100x better of a view and super clear, fresh water. Anyway, we […]

Ueno Park & More Hitachi

This morning was a nice change because we didn’t have to go to do any work. Instead we explored Ueno. Jenny, Sarah, and I went to Ueno Park. The park is absolutely huge and beautiful, and I can only imagine how gorgeous it would look during spring time with all of the cherry blossoms. I’m […]

More Fun Firsts

We had more trips today to other factories in Ibaraki Prefecture, Hitachinaka and Rinko Works. Our day included more presentations, factory tours, and Q&A sessions. At Rinko works, we got the pleasure of seeing a completed excavator. Normally they do not completely assemble the machines because they are difficult to ship; however, they had finished […]

To Hitachinaka and back to Tokyo!

The group went to so many different places today it feels like it was two days smashed into one. First, we started out by taking a bus to Hitachinaka and Hitachinaka-Rinko production plants. Between the two, we saw medium, large, and extra large excavators on the production lines as well as a few dump trucks. […]

Lost in Shinjuku

Yep I got lost. If it was going to be someone, it was going to be me. But before we get that, the Hitachi Research team decided to use their last free day doing a whole slough of things. The first thing we did was go to Meiji Shrine in Shibuya. This place was beyond […]

Hitachi Friends and Fun

I gotta say, this day was one of the bests so far in Japan. Wow, what a night! We started off our day with a lovely visit to Hitachi LTD. They introduced their values and goals as well as some of their technologies. It felt like we are VIP there because they showed us some […]

Japan Trip Day 2: Electric Boogaloo

So Day 2 of the Japan research trip. We started off going to a famous cafe called Paul Bassett in a shopping center near our hotel. We were all still recovering from jet lag so the food was well needed. Afterwards we went to a fair that Hitachi Construction Machinery was running. For those of […]