The worldwide Augustana College experience

Hola amigos! My name is Lindsay Croegaert, and I just finished my sophomore year at Augustana where I am a Spanish and communication sciences and disorders double major. This summer I am taking a big leap from Waukesha, Wisconsin all the way to Ecuador and Peru. I will be traveling throughout South America for ten weeks to hone my Spanish speaking skills and gain a completely new world perspective. I can’t wait to share my adventure with friends, family, and you!

A Week of Birthday Celebrations!

I would like to start off by thanking everyone SO MUCH for all of the wonderful birthday wishes!! They made my day extra special and helped me to feel like I was still celebrating with everyone at home even though I’m a hemisphere away! I started my birthday celebrations a day early by going to […]

My Spirit Has Been Cleansed

Last week Wednesday after blogging, I had our second of two cooking classes. We made ceviche which is a typical Ecuadorian dish of shrimp marinated in orange and lime juice. It was delicious but had a very strong, slightly overpowering flavor to it. In our Indigenous Literature and Culture class lately we have been doing […]

I Can’t Believe I’m Doing This!

After blogging last Monday the rest of the day wasn’t very out of the ordinary. Although, my host mom presented her thesis that night, so there were some nerves and excitement in the family. Everything went really well, she was really excited afterwords, and she graduates the day after my birthday! So hopefully next week […]

Welcome to the Jungle!

On Wednesday morning I got up early to meet the group at school to go to the jungle!! As I was leaving, my host mom gave me the biggest hug goodbye! She filled the mom role perfectly by stressing multiple times to stay safe and have fun while being really, really safe. The bus rides […]

How Many Mountains Did You Climb This Weekend?

Hello! I hope everyone that’s following my blog is doing well and had a great Fourth of July!! I’m sitting here between my two midterms faced with two choices… study or blog. Well that’s an obvious decision! I need to update you all on my busy, busy life before I leave for the jungle tomorrow! […]

Toy Story 3, 50th Anniversary Parties, and Incan Ruins– Oh My!

Last week was a fairly subdued week with mostly routine activities and a little bit of unscheduled fun here and there. On Wednesday I finally called my parents. (Sorry that it only took me a month, guys!) It was so great to hear their voices and just chat about the little things that won’t fit […]

Photo Blog!

I’ve had lots of requests for more pictures so I figured today I would post some of the highlights of the trip so far! I hope you enjoy! (You can click on each picture to scrutinize them more, if you’d like!)

Everyone’s Time Will Come…

…And mine came this weekend. That’s right, I’m talking about Traveler’s Sickness, Montezuma’s Revenge, food poisoning: You name it, I got it. It happens to most when staying in a foreign country with different bacteria than what you are used to. And the longer you are there, the better your chances get. I was mentally […]

What an Exhausting Weekend!

Phew! This weekend was full of so much physical and mental exercise! It started on Friday night with our first of many dance classes. Our dance teacher just happened to be our history teacher, so we were a little shocked when we first walked into the room. Who knew history buffs knew how to dance […]

A Typical Day in Cuenca

I’ve had a special request to blog about my typical day in Cuenca. So here it goes… I wake up at 6:30am and jump in the shower (in my own private bathroom!). Then I head downstairs for breakfast. At breakfast it’s just me and Gladys (my host mom) in the kitchen. We chat a little […]