The worldwide Augustana College experience

Hi! My name is Amy Moon, and I will be a junior in the fall at Augustana. I am double majoring in elementary education and Spanish. After I graduate I hope to teach in a bilingual elementary classroom where I will teach part of the day in Spanish and part of the day in English. This summer I am studying abroad in Cuenca, Ecuador for 10 weeks. This will be my first time out of the country so I am very excited for this experience, and I am looking forward to speaking only in Spanish for the next 10 weeks!

How can it be that it is already time to say goodbye? :(

As of this morning i finished my last final so i am done with summer school at CEDEI! i cannot believe how fast time has flown. it seems like just yesterday that i got off the plane in Quito and found myself in a whole new world. that new world has now become my second […]


I spent last weekend in the coast at Montañita Beach which is one of the craziest places I have ever been! we left on Friday at noon and getting there was an adventure. we took a taxi service called a fuganeta from Las Pencas in Cuenca to Guayaquil which is 3 and a half hours […]


SATURDAY- we left for saraguro (sara means corn and guro means gold in kichwa) at 715 am. it was about a 3 hour drive away from cuenca. we stayed in a really nice hostal called Achik Wasi which means Our Home in Kichwa. it was a lot colder than cuenca and you could definitely feel […]

I Survived La Selva (The Jungle)!!

i survived 5 days in the ecuadorian jungle! it was seriously the most intense experience but also one of the most incredible and amazing experiences of my life! i hope you enjoy reading all about my crazy adventure! 🙂 WEDNESDAY July 7 Today we embarked on our journey to la selva! Forget about caring about […]


so my host brother, fernando, works for the government in cuenca, and the first week here he told me if the president of Ecuador was ever in town I would have the opportunity to meet him! that opportunity came yesterday! i was sitting in parque calderon taking in the sun and eating ice cream and […]


on sunday we went to Ingapirca which was really cool. we first went to this beautiful chapel and we got to climb up to the top of the outside of the chapel where there was a gorgeous view. this chapel has a legend that all the animals and crops in the area were dying so […]

A Weekend of Crazy Adventures!

On friday i had my first dance class, and we learned some steps to the bachate! this dance really focuses on hip and arm movements. it was a lot of fun to learn, and i got to practice my moves later that night at a birthday party my older brother took me to. on saturday […]

Corpus Christi Festival!

the celebration of corpus christi has been going on all week this week in cuenca! i went to this festival the other night with my host brother, and it was so much fun! they have these huge castillos which are tall towers made of a type of wood and they are painted. they have windmills […]

Beginning Life in Cuenca!!

hi from cuenca! we got to cuenca around 430 yesterday and i met my host mom at cedei. she is soo nice! fernando my brother who is 31 was waiting for us outside in their car, and he drove us to their house. he is super nice as well and i can tell we are […]

A Day Full Of Trying New Things!!

Right now I am blogging from a beautiful hacienda in the Andes mountains sitting in a lodge near a big fire. It is so peaceful and beautiful here. I absolutely love it! We are all staying in cabins and we have huge rooms and they are connected by a big wraparound porch. today has been […]