The worldwide Augustana College experience

Akwaaba! My name is Jessica Uhlir, and I’m from Brookfieid, Illinois (by the zoo!). I am currently a junior at Augustana majoring in communication sciences and disorders. In my spare time I enjoy reading, working on my fitness and trying crazy and new things. I am extremely excited to journey to Ghana and Senegal spring term. I will be taking an art, music and literature class while I spend six weeks in Ghana and three in Senegal. Stay tuned for updates on the many adventures and new experiences that I expect to have in these coming months!

slap happy dehydration

hello readers! First of all I want to thank all of you for your lovely comments on my blog…getting them really brightens my day (even though is pretty bright here already) Anyways, down to business.  This is my third week in Accra and it feels much longer.  By now I feel used to the the […]

I <3 Ghana

hello all…J Uhlir reporting to you all from my hotel in Accra!!! Ghana is amazing…I can’t describe in words how blessed I feel to be here.  I love the people, their openness and compassion, the feeling of unity and spirituality in everything they do. I feel like this last week has gone by so quickly, and […]

the lizard that changed my life

hey all! I’ve only been in Africa but it feels like much longer…Ghana is a whole new world.  The moment I got off the plane I was immediately hit with an intense wave of humidity and ray of light.  We preceeded through customs (it was interesting to see the other people entering Ghana, missionaries, lots […]

The final countdown

Sitting in my comfortable suburban home, it seems hard to believe that by tomorrow night (or tuesday morning) I will be walking off a plane onto Africa soil.  It doesn’t seem real that I’m going to be spending the next nine weeks of my life in Ghana and Senegal.  This will be my first time […]