The worldwide Augustana College experience

Hey! My name is Matt Pelton, and I am a senior at Augustana majoring in accounting and business with concentrations in finance and international business. I have really enjoyed being a part of the Augustana basketball program and will begin working with the Governmental Accounting Standards Board this summer. With no more basketball left to play and graduation around the corner, I am excited to finish my college career studying abroad in West Africa. I’m unsure of what lies ahead in Ghana and Senegal, but I look forward to learning more about the countries and the people.

Adventures in Kumasi

As of today we have been in Ghana for five weeks and have only 11 days left in the country. It is very hard to believe how fast time has passed. For the past two weeks, we have been exploring Kumasi, which is the second largest city in Ghana and the heart of the Ashanti […]

More Fun in Accra

Akwaaba and welcome back! Since my first update, our list of valuable experiences has continued to grow. When we first toured Accra, I remember being extremely disoriented. Now, it feels as though we have a good idea of the layout of the area and can navigate fairly easily through town. Over the past week and […]

One week down..eight to go

It’s hard to believe one week has almost passed. In reality our journey throughout West Africa is just beginning, but it seems the group has already experienced so much. By now, we are becoming pretty familiar with the hotel and its surroundings. The group completed a city tour of Accra on Wednesday and traveled north […]