The worldwide Augustana College experience

G’day. My name is Brett Anderson, and I am from Streator, IL. I am a senior at Augustana College majoring in accounting and business – with concentrations in finance and management. I am excited to be involved with the Sydney Internship Program for about two months – interning at Quay West Suites in downtown Sydney, where I will be in the accounting/finance department. Here I will be posting all of my adventures in the land down under – trying to experience as much as I can.

New Zealand and Home

I am finally back in the States, and let me tell you it was one eventful week.  There were six of us that spent our spring break in New Zealand, and it was amazing.  When we walked out of the airport you can see all of the mountains surrounding, almost like it was make-believe.  We […]

Manly and Bronte Beach

I was looking forward to this weekend after yet another work week at my internship.  This weekend was basically a free one, so that meant that I was able to go to some beaches and just sit there.  Actually, some people lay down. I am one of those guys that would love to play in […]

Orchestra, Hunter Valley, and Animals

G’day! This past weekend was one of the busier ones, although at first I did not feel like it would be. Ever since I knew I was coming to Sydney, I wanted to see a performance at the Sydney Opear House.  On Friday, that happened.  Eleven of us made a night of classy dining, nice […]

The Weekend at the Great Barrier Reef

Well it is safe to say that I officially have scuba-dived at the Great Barrier Reef.  Only five of us went during this time since it fit best with our schedules, but it was good to keep the group small for something like this sometimes.  We were only there for Friday and Saturday, and came […]

Australia Day to Surfing, what more can we ask for?

G’day from Sydney, I found some time to update. A few friends and I recently went to the Sydney Aquarium and the Sydney Wildlife World since one of us works for OceanWorld Manly … and had us as guests to explore some of the other places the same company owns.  It was good to see […]

Sydney has a Palm Beach

Another week gone by in Sydney.  Our internships are well under-way as it is the beginning of our third week with them.  To me it seems like it’s going by fast, we only have about 5 weeks left before the Spring Break.  Speaking of Spring Break, I’ve made up many plans within these next few […]

Festivals, Footie, and Fun

Hello again everyone, it is our second week through and now it seems like it is going by quick.  Since my last writing, the Sydney Festival began, which is basically a month long event of music, arts, and culture shows around the Sydney area.  The opening first night was a large one, with tons of […]

The Beginning of Life in Sydney

Ah, we are finally here in Sydney.  A week has gone by already, but it seems like we have been here for longer than that.  Not that it is a bad thing, but we had a lot of experiences already fit into that first week. When we got to the apartments, we quickly roamed around […]

Ready for the Land Down Under

I’m sitting in my room trying to figure out what to pack, as it is about two days until I embark on the journey to Sydney, Australia!  Many thoughts are running through my head about this new upcoming experience, things like whether my internship will be good, what activities I plan on doing, how much […]