The worldwide Augustana College experience

My name is Britta Shold, and I’m a junior at Augie. I’m from Rockford, Illinois and am studying communication sciences and disorders (speech pathology). I absolutely love to travel and simply can’t wait to be in Australia. Once there, I’m going to be interning at 2 different clinics-learning as much as I can about speech and language. Besides traveling, I love spending time with friends and family, staying active, finding new music, and relaxing.

Aussie day onward…

G’day! I can tell I’ve been here for a month because I’m actually starting to use their lingo! The longer I’m here the more and more in love with Australia I’m falling.  We got a chance to see how the Aussie’s celebrate a national holiday on Australia Day. It fell on a Tuesday this year […]

G’day Mates!

Hello from Down Under! Sitting in a cafe right now. It’s an absolutely beautiful day and my roomie and I along with some others from the group are currently debating on which beach to go to. It’s such a struggle being here 😉 Started my internship on Monday. I’m at the Lizard Children’s Centre in […]

Hello from the land down under!

Hi Everyone! Hope you’re all surviving the snowstorm back home 🙁 Arriving in Sydney was hectic and a little chaotic. After traveling for 24 hours I don’t think any of us were functioning on all cylinders. But we managed to make it to our apartments just fine. So far on the trip we’ve done a […]