The worldwide Augustana College experience

New Zealand and Home

I am finally back in the States, and let me tell you it was one eventful week.  There were six of us that spent our spring break in New Zealand, and it was amazing.  When we walked out of the airport you can see all of the mountains surrounding, almost like it was make-believe.  We […]

Cairns and more!

These past couple weeks have been a blur! This past weekend we went to Cairns, and it was a very interesting and fun experience! My main goal this whole trip has been to see the Great Barrier Reef. I finally got to see it and it was very surreal! My plan at first was take […]

Manly and Bronte Beach

I was looking forward to this weekend after yet another work week at my internship.  This weekend was basically a free one, so that meant that I was able to go to some beaches and just sit there.  Actually, some people lay down. I am one of those guys that would love to play in […]

Orchestra, Hunter Valley, and Animals

G’day! This past weekend was one of the busier ones, although at first I did not feel like it would be. Ever since I knew I was coming to Sydney, I wanted to see a performance at the Sydney Opear House.  On Friday, that happened.  Eleven of us made a night of classy dining, nice […]

The Weekend at the Great Barrier Reef

Well it is safe to say that I officially have scuba-dived at the Great Barrier Reef.  Only five of us went during this time since it fit best with our schedules, but it was good to keep the group small for something like this sometimes.  We were only there for Friday and Saturday, and came […]

Surf Camp and Edinburg Military Tattoo

This weekend we went to surf camp and it was pretty amazing! We arrived to the campsite at midnight and weren’t sure if we were going to end up staying in a tent or cabin. But we ended up staying in a cabin which housed about 30 people. That night we went down to beach, […]

Aussie day onward…

G’day! I can tell I’ve been here for a month because I’m actually starting to use their lingo! The longer I’m here the more and more in love with Australia I’m falling.  We got a chance to see how the Aussie’s celebrate a national holiday on Australia Day. It fell on a Tuesday this year […]

Australia Day to Surfing, what more can we ask for?

G’day from Sydney, I found some time to update. A few friends and I recently went to the Sydney Aquarium and the Sydney Wildlife World since one of us works for OceanWorld Manly … and had us as guests to explore some of the other places the same company owns.  It was good to see […]

Australia Day!

Tuesday was Australia Day, and that was definitely an experience for us! First, we went to a pub where we had crocodile, emu and kangaroo sandwiches. Never in my life have I ever thought I’d eat crocodile, but was pleasantly surprised by it. If any of you are wondering what it tastes like, many of […]

Sydney has a Palm Beach

Another week gone by in Sydney.  Our internships are well under-way as it is the beginning of our third week with them.  To me it seems like it’s going by fast, we only have about 5 weeks left before the Spring Break.  Speaking of Spring Break, I’ve made up many plans within these next few […]