The worldwide Augustana College experience

My name is Amanda Seifert. My hometown is Roscoe, Illinois, which is just a little farther north than Rockford. I am a sophomore at Augustana College, majoring in political science with a minor in english. I think Vietnam is going to be one of the most unique foreign terms that Augustana ever offers. I have never traveled outside of the country, so this is all a very new experience for me. I am looking forward to buying my first conical hat, and possibly sampling some beating snake heart.

Hello from Hue

Its been really busy around here after changing cities and hitting the ground running. So here is a breif overveiw of all the happenings in Hue. On our first real day in town we took cyclo rides to the Citadel and a local Garden. While at the Citadel the son of a Japanese princess was […]

Hello Uncle Ho

Hey Everyone, at long last another post. Well we have been in Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City for several days now and I must say aside from a cold I am adjusting quite well. We have done so much in the past few days, and as always I am a little short on time […]

“Augustana College Welcome to Vietnam”

Hey Everyone! It is finally here the first big post from Vietnam. We finally got in to the hotel last night around 5 am after some more than minor delays at the airport. We were initially scheduled to depart around noon, so we boarded plane just after 11:30 and got settled. After waiting on the […]

Bags are packed…ready to go?

So it is finally here, the big night before departure post! Like most Vietnam Term students I am oscilating back and forth between nervous and excited. I have checked my bag for the third time now, even re-weighed and remeasured to make sure I was within in restrictions. So, am I prepared? Technically – yes, […]