The worldwide Augustana College experience

My name is Louie Bertenshaw. I’m a junior at Augustana majoring in German and political science, and I’m about to do one of the craziest things I’ve ever done: live and study abroad in Wittenberg, Germany for a whole three months! After studying German for nearly 7 years, I feel now–more than ever–that the time is right for me to immerse myself in this fascinating culture and learn to live like a German! So come and share this amazing and exciting experience with me here on Augie Globalog!


¡Hola from España! Classes officially ended last week…and now we´ve got free time to travel. So… Alex, Joe, and I thought it would be fun to go to yet another country where we don´t speak the language: SPAIN!

I fought the law and the law one…and got 15 Euros out of me

It’s official, I broke German law — and like pretty much everyone — had no idea what I did wrong. You know how the officer always approaches you and asks “Do you know why I stopped you?” And then you’re always like “No idea…” and then it turns out to be something completely ridiculous?? I.E. […]

I went into a Rolls Royce dealership to ask for directions…

Hello America,    It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog, but you can blame unruly professors and inconsistent class schedules for that…plus a little rain and even (possibly!) some snow! A few weeks ago, we went to Vienna and I have a funny story about that. We decided to overnight in Berlin before […]

I live by the groove!

Good day everyone,      I believe it is now the end of week five for everyone back at Augie…which means I time here in Wittenberg is about half-over 🙁 I think I finally have gotten into the swing of things. I get up, eat breakfast, ride my bike to school, learn and learn some more, […]

Louie’s new life in Wittenberg

Hi everyone. My last blog was a bit too short, but that’s what a train ride, some homework, and adjusting to a new home…now that I’ve settled in a little bit, I feel I can write a bit more. Yesterday was the second day with the host family. Although they do this professionally, I’m sure […]

Exit Weimar…enter new family

Lieber die Studenten vom Augustana: Louie here! We’ve now been in Germany for about three weeks. Time is flying by, but I still realize that we have about 8 weeks left here. A lot has happened since Prague, and I will now share some of the adventures: This past weekend, we went to Weimar, which […]


Ahoy from Prague (that’s Czech for ‘Hi’)   The Wittenberg group has left the tiny confines of this quaint little town and have headed off for the big city…in Eastern Europe. There is definitely a difference between Germany and the Czech Republic. I wouldn’t say it is poor, but whereas Germany is a first world […]

Hallo von Wittenberg!

I would like to renounce my citizenship…

…but only for a few months. That’s right, America. In two days I’m off to Europe…the big E! I’ve officially made it half-way through the packing process and am finishing up the last two essays I need to read before departure! This is insane! At this point, I’m not sure how I feel about the […]