The worldwide Augustana College experience

Hey, my name is Kevin Collins, and I’m a junior at Augustana College. I’m double majoring in German and classics. I am really excited about studying abroad in Germany. There is a lot of history and culture I am looking forward to experiencing. This will be my first time traveling to Germany to study. I hope you enjoy reading about my trip abroad.

Kurz über Wittenberg

Hello! We have all arrived safely, with no luggage mishaps. We only have the internet when we go to the university. We are living in the Cranachhaus, which is very nice. The first picture I posted is the view from our kitchen! Everything is great here in Wittenberg. It’s a really small city, but has […]

First Post!

This past weekend, I moved into my apartment in Swanson. It was a fun weekend — We got everything set up, did some shopping (at the dollar store!), and braved the first early morning fire alarm of the year. But now I’m at home, sitting next to a half-packed suitcase, surrounded by schoolbooks and toiletries. […]