The worldwide Augustana College experience

My name is Michael Randolph. I am from Macomb, Illinois. I am a Senior at Augustana. I am the director for Dance Marathon, I have been involved heavily with OSA and I am an Honorary DON (Delta Omega Nu). I am an international business major and an Asian studies major with a minor in mathematics. This is my second foreign term, the first being East Asian Term in Fall 2007. I am going on Vietnam term to get more international experience and also see the place where my father fought (Vietnam War from 1966-67). I want to see how the country has changed and grown from and to experience a culture that not many Americans have.

Delta Blues

This weekend was probably one of the longest and most interesting weekends of my life. We made our way to the Mekong Delta this weekend stopping intermittently through the trip to experience what life is like in the delta. The first experience we had was by boat (fitting for the Delta) where we got to […]

Ga Ran Kentucky and More

This week has been pretty amazing so far. On Wednesday we went to the Cu Chi tunnels and the main Cao Dai Temple here in Vietnam.¬†The Temple¬†was a really interesting experience because we got to see the midday worship service. See, Cao Dai’sts are sort of a hybrid of Buddhism, Catholicism, and a couple other […]

87 and Beautiful

What a trip so far. I am blogging right now after some of the longest travel days of my life. After spending 32 hours traveling, it has been great to spread out over Ho Chi Minh City and really explore. A group of us decided to not sleep this morning after we got in so […]

Last Day At Augie

Today is my last day on campus before flying out tomorrow at noon for Vietnam. I’ve learned so much already about this country, but I cannot wait to see it with my own eyes. Last night I was packing and going back over my journal from East Asian Term. That journal was good, but I’m […]