The worldwide Augustana College experience

Blog Post #3

On Tuesday we arrived at the Great Huts after driving through the treacherous mountains and having lunch at the Blue Mountain Cafe. The hut I stayed in was called the Bamboo hut. There was a full size fridge with a large stove and kitchen area with a big couch as well. You would walk through […]

Jamaica Blog #3

We left Kingston and traveled through the mountains which included incessant honking and tight squeezes while going around the corners. There were a few times we almost didn’t make it. Really! We stopped at the Blue Mountain Cafe and bought their excellent coffee – best I have ever had. The views from there were spectacular. […]

Jamaica Blog #2

We took the highway to Kingston and found it interesting that the Chinese built this highway. We wondered whether the tolls went to the Chinese or to Jamaica. Upon arriving at Kingston we were amused to see people holding up newspapers for sale that said, “Illegals Welcome.” As we drove up to the Knutsford Hotel, […]

Jamaica Blog #1

We arrived in Jamaica and traveled by van to the Runaway Bay Resort. The poverty of this area was immediately evident. Entire families lived in small shacks, and I was stunned by the living conditions and the crowed of people everywhere. Many families put large pieces of sheet metal together for their shelter, and we […]


The four days spent at the Alpha School in Kingston were more than I could’ve ever imagined. On the first day, some classmates and I sat in on an assembly for the house, Florence. To hear the girls singing, chanting, blowing their horns, and running throughout the roads just brightened my day. But what brought […]

Anna Dispensa Blog #3

The third part of our trip consisted of our trip to Port Antonio specifically to stay in the Great Huts. Upon arriving at the Great Huts, I was a little bit stressed out. Up until this point, I had never slept in outdoor accommodations, therefore, this was new to me. Our hut in specific was […]

Port Antonio and the Great Huts

The great huts were spectacular. I feel that everyone should have that experience. The huts were beautiful and the views that we saw while we were there were breathtaking. The market was a great experience. I have to admit that it was a little scary and intimidating at first but it soon became fun. The […]

Blog Post #2

The past 6 days we were in Kingston, teaching and observing at the Alpha schools. It was such a great experience being able to work with the children and getting to interact with them. All of the children are so loving and kind. Even the kids who weren’t in the classroom I was in would […]

Anna Dispensa Jamaica Blog #2

The second part of our trip consisted traveling to Kingston to observe in the schools as well as experience the city. On our first day at the schools, I didn’t know what to expect and was a little bit nervous. I was placed in a sixth grade classroom and despite preferring to work with younger […]

Blog 1: 50% of Your Normal Consumption

The fact that we were told to reduce our alcohol consumption to 50% of what we normally consume, makes it very ironic that two of my best interactions with Jamaicans so far have been with bartenders that I have met at the Jewel Runaway Bay resort.