Brand New Inspiration


Most of the posts you find here will be from the whole C&M team, but this one will be a little different. Rebecca Zitzow, a graphic designer on our team, just returned from the Brand New Conference in Chicago, and these are some highlights from her trip.

The Brand New Conference stems from the Brand New blog that has daily posts about new or revised brands, as well as other news in the design world. It draws an international audience, which carried through to the conference speakers. Along with speakers from New York, Chicago, Nashville and San Francisco, there were speakers from Stockholm, London, Barcelona and Monterrey, Mexico.

Lance Wyman, creator of the 1968 Mexico Olympics logo, spoke about how his love of pop art influenced his design prior to and after that famous logo creation. Sebastian Padilla from Anagrama in Monterrey was one of the most engaging and interesting, as he spoke about how they live in a world of paradoxes and how that influences and drives not only the work they create, but their process of creating, as well. Roanne Adams from RoAndCo also showed some beautiful work from fashion design clients. I also heard several speakers from Chicago agencies and studios whose work I have admired for years. Among them were Justin Ahrens, Dawn Hancock, Bob Faust and Alisa Wolfson.

I really enjoyed being able to see such a range of work, and I was very inspired when hearing about the different design processes. The experience has kept me educated on current design trends and methods, which is very inspiring and helpful for me as most of the design work I do is for students and prospective students who respond to trendy design and marketing. It was wonderful to be in the company of so many talented designers and creatives!

A Fond Farewell


This year, we say good-bye to two of our C&M student workers, Daisy Hoang and DJ (David) Musolf. Daisy is graduating with a degree in business and is going to ISU for a master’s in communication. DJ is graduating with a degree in graphic design and will be on the job hunt after his summer employment. Thank you for all you have done for our office over the past few years; you will be greatly missed!

Introducing Augie CORE

Augie CORE in the Olin Center will be the home for Career planning, experiential learning Opportunities, undergraduate Research and Exploration beyond the borders of our campus. We tested three name options with our graduates of the last 13 years. You’ll probably note a post-survey change to the word behind the “E” in CORE. Here is how the voting broke down:

New Department Naming Survey Breakdown

An Augustana “A” for Katie Hanson


We visited assistant professor and Communiversity board chair, Katie Hanson last week to give her an Augie “A.” Celebrating its 35th anniversary, Communiversity courses are offered each Sunday in February, and several Augie professors are teaching courses again this year, including:

  • Reel Theology-Dr. Jason Mahn
  • Contemporary Africa: Understandings and Misunderstandings-Dr. Todd Cleveland
  • Political Rhetoric 101: Study for the Midterms!-Dr. Stephen Klien
  • Women and/in Islam-Dr. Umme Al-wazedi