A window inside life at Augustana College

All the many pains D:

I have sticky notes scattered all over my desk and the surrounding walls with the formerly-sticky ones littering the floor; my English professor is expecting a 5 page draft and annotated bibliography in roughly 15 hours and reading I have no way of attaining on my own; mounds of assigned reading need to be covered; […]

Mr. Augustana & WAUG Fest

My first weekend back at school was pretty much fantastic. On Friday night, the Chi Alpha Pi sorority hosted Mr. Augustana. Basically it’s like a male beauty pageant. There is a talent portion, swimsuit wear, and Q&A. What was really cool was this year, they had last year’s winner (Carl) do his talent again. Out of […]

Halfway There.

The first few weeks of school, I was asked over and over again who I was. My reply was simple. I would say over and over again… “Hi! My name is Katie and I am an English Education major!” Now that we have reached the halfway point of the school year, I have been thinking […]

Fall break & winter term

Every fall break I tell myself I’m going to be productive and get a lot accomplished. I’m always going to read at least 10 educational books, apply to a lot of internships, and hang out with my friends every day. While I can’t say I had the most productive fall break, I watched seasons 4-6 […]

A music-filled weekend

Like most weekends, this one seemed particularly short. But it was filled with one of my favorite things in life — Music! For WAUG on Friday, I had to record Live on Campus. Live on Campus is one of my favorite parts of Fridays. Basically, CUBOM brings in different musical artist. They range anywhere from Augustana students […]

Welcome to my life!

Hello!! I’m Alicia Oken and I am currently a junior at Augustana. I’m majoring in political science, communication studies and multimedia journalism and mass communication. Cross your fingers I can actually get that all in within the next two years! I can’t stand just sitting around my room, so I am involved in a lot […]