A window inside life at Augustana College

Perks of being a WAUG DJ

Three years ago, I had no idea what I would be doing in college. I was interested in trying everything and anything that the school had to offer. When I saw the school had a radio station, I immediately jumped on the chance. Being a WAUG DJ is awesome to say the least. Not only […]

WAUG: Past, Present, Future

Konbanwa, So where to begin. The first big piece of news is that my showtime has changed. My previous showtime was on Thursday and it was far later into the evening than I was prepared for. Having a show from 10-11 and still having to write papers and still be able to get up at […]

WAUG: If It Ain’t Got That Swing

Konbanwa, I realize that I just posted a huge entry on Model UN and I felt that it was necessary to separate that and this post.  Skipping all the pleasantries, Thanksgiving was enjoyable. Saw family, ate food, football, all that jazz. Speaking of jazz, this week I’m back on the air! I haven’t been able […]

A Reintroduction

Since I’ve had 33 posts since I first introduced myself, I decided it was time for a reintroduction. I know I’ve changed a lot since I first started blogging, so I figured I will update all of you old readers and fill in all of you new readers.  I’m now a senior here at Augustana majoring […]

WGN Radio Internship

I’ve finally gotten around to writing my blog about my summer internship. Maybe it’s because the longer I put it off, the longer I can deny that summer is really over? Probably. For nine weeks, I had the opportunity to intern at WGN Radio in the Tribune Tower in Chicago. I interned for the news […]

Summer Connection

Well everyone, the Summer Connections are finally underway!  I had the pleasure of getting to attend the very first Summer Connection of the year and loved it!  They really tell you everything you may need to know for move in day/the first week of attending Augustana College!  After attending the SC, you will finally feel […]

Top 5 reasons I love WAUG

This is probably my second to last post before I head off for the summer, which makes me really sad. As promised though, here is my top five reasons I love being involved with WAUG: 1) You will always know someone who is just as stoked as you are that your favorite band just came […]

Sigma Alpha Iota formal

This past Friday Sigma Alpha Iota (ΣAI), which I am a part of, had a joint formal with Phi Mu Alpha. Both are national music affiliated fraternities we have here at Augustana. I always told myself I wouldn’t join anything with greek letters, yet I honestly wouldn’t be the same person I am today without […]

Gearing up for senior year!

It’s not often when you look at your life and are fairly happy with the way things are going. At this point in time though, I am stoked for my summer and my senior year! Here are a few reasons why: I am interning with WGN Radio this summer. Considering 50 people applied, I could […]

A fruit basket of thoughts

So I couldn’t figure just one topic for this post to be about, so I decided to combine all my posts into one! This past Friday, I was able to be a moderator for the Student Government presidential debate. There are three candidates and this has been one of the most intense races I have […]