A window inside life at Augustana College

Writer’s Block

Hello friends! It’s been awhile huh? Well quick recap of what has been happening since Jan 13. I started my first season with the women’s lacrosse team, I sustained my first concussion, I couldn’t go on spring break with my team, my team has 7 wins of 7 games in 6 states including 2 conference […]

Takeshita-dori, Temples, and Tons of Fun!

This spring break, I traveled over 6000 miles with the Augustana Symphonic Band to Japan! We spent an amazing 12 days on tour (well, really ten if you subtract for travel) exploring Osaka, Kyoto, Hakone, and Tokyo! I don’t want to overload you all with a giant picture dump, but I have a few that […]

An inside look at the Field Museum

This spring break, I had the amazing opportunity to attend Members Night at the Field Museum in Chicago! I am a big museum fan, especially when it comes to the Field Museum (don’t get me started on their animal collection) so it was like Disney World to me! Apparently, I’m not alone in my excitement […]

Spring Break in Minnesota

So we Augie students are currently on spring break. I know what you’re thinking, “Spring break in February?!?”, and I agree, it’s not exactly the most ideal time for spring break. However there are pro’s to this timing. Apparently going on trips to warm places is cheaper during our spring break versus other spring breaks, […]

Spring Break – Fall Out Boy, Florida & Georgetown

So my last first day at Augustana happened today – it’s a little bittersweet. But the last first day was on the heels of a fantastic Spring Break! Some highlights include: Meeting Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy! He came to Anderson’s Bookshop because he recently released a book. They have really famous authors who […]

I’m a survivor

Destiny’s Child once said: “I’m a survivor/I’m not gon give up.” That was my motto for winter term and let me tell you – I’m a survivor. Somehow I managed to complete 86+ pages for my political science and communication studies senior inquiry papers. This was on top of another 20ish pages for another class. […]

Spring Break pt. 2

I am finally getting around to blogging about the second part of what I did during spring break. The day after I went to Colorado for the U.S. Air Force Academy Conference, I was in Florida! Literally, within 24 hours, I went from Colorado to Illinois to Florida. Luckily this time all my travel was […]

U.S. Air Force Academy Conference

Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to Colorado to go to the National Character and Leadership Symposium – “Walk the Walk: Leaders in Ethical Action” at the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA). While I’ve been to a few leadership conferences before, I learned more at this conference than any I’ve experience before — […]

List of things to do over finals week

Considering I only have one final now, which is on Thursday, I have three days to do basically nothing. So I decided to make up a list of things I will do, so I can feel like I was productive. 1) Learn how to play N64 2) Finish season 3 of Greek 3) Figure out […]

Not just a number

One of the great things about Augustana is the fact I’m not just a number. I’m not just a student in POLS101 to my professors, I’m Alicia Oken in POLS101. This is one of the reasons I wanted to to go Augustana. I wanted to attend a liberal arts college where I could go to […]