A window inside life at Augustana College

Is it possible to grow tired of sleeping?

Um, perhaps? Since starting my fall break Monday of finals week (because I’m the bomb dig and got done early) I’ve been sleeping in. At first, it was strictly involuntarily and my mom was rather peeved. As a result, I helped her out around the house in the morning, taking short naps when she wasn’t […]

Week 9 1/2?: a (sorta) structured stream of thought

I have a tendency to just write things using stream of consciousness, eventually linking everything to make sense of it all. That is not the case here. I’ve slept too much, yet not enough and not in my own bed. The sawing of logs keeps me up at night. My parents decided to surprise me […]

Ive Never Been Happier to Wake Up In My Own Bed

I opened my bleary eyes at around 11:00 this morning, to a cool, peaceful, dark room all to myself (my roommate slept elsewhere last night). I instantly sensed that it was cloudy and raining outside through the open windows, my favorite weather. I had slept wonderfully, after not having been able to sleep this late or […]