A window inside life at Augustana College

One In A Million Chances

There are many challenges that get thrown at us every day, but what is it that keeps us tackling those challenges? There are people who roll through challenges like it’s nothing, and then there are people like me, who have to climb mountains and dig tunnels just to find an answer. Does that mean I […]

My First Semester of College (in Memes)

So, it should go without saying that I am a freshman, but I said it anyway because, hey, why not? Anyway, this entire experience has been a really interesting time in my life so I’ve decided to put my insomnia to use and vaguely chronicle my first semester of college adventures with the use of […]


  So how about this weather? Not too long ago did it begin to snow and become a freezing temperature. In California, our cold weather is about 65 F, maybe 54 F, and people bring out the scarves and jackets/coats. According to my roommate Mayu, that’s hot; “I would be sweating”, she says. Adjusting to […]

Being on TV with President Obama

When I heard President Obama was going to be in Davenport again, I was hesitant to go. Last time I went to see Obama speak, I was in the second row and got to shake the President and First Lady’s hands. I thought nothing could beat that… I was wrong. My roommate and I decided […]

Homecoming Week

Oh dear what a week last week was! OSA had to have been PRETTY busy! I give props to all the people running the different homecoming events. They sure do know how to throw a good time! I was so glad I got to go to the Kick Off, Talent show and the Sing/Coronation last […]

Camp Kesem Again? ….. Yes Please!!!

Camp Kesem Augustana is a group of Augustana students that fundraise and then become counselors at a week long overnight camp that children whose parents have, have had, or have passed away from cancer come for free! The week of camp was one of the best weeks of my summer. We, as college students, could […]

How I goats taught me about life

Since I got accepted to Augie, I’ve been pretty sure of what I would major in once I got the chance to declare it. Oh, Leslie, how stupid you are… Why is it that during your first few weeks at school, you’re asked what you want to major in. Everytime I had to introduce myself, I […]

Rest in peace, my dear Georgie.

On November 21st, I notice at approximately 11 am that my pet betta fish, Georgie, isn’t moving; I flushed him off to a better place. At about 12:30 am that same day, I cleaned his bowl (which is actually a cube) to try to make him feel better because he seemed really down. After I […]

Life is Beautiful

What’s playing in my ears: Dirty Projectors: \”Cannibal Resource\” Dirty Projectors: \”Cannibal Resource\” Live A couple of days ago, I was chatting with a friend of mine who’s a freshman this year at Augie. He was telling me about how the Quad Cities Creation Science Association gave a lecture on the falsehoods of Darwinism. Being […]

My Newfound Appreciation for Saturdays….

Today is a Saturday. What I just realized is that Saturdays are my catch-up days. It’s a nice surprise to wake up in bed around  3, realize that I dont have anywhere to be, and I dont have any person or thing demanding my immediate attention, and lay there reflecting, just thinking, like I havent been able […]