A window inside life at Augustana College

Augie Internet, Procrastination, and Homework.

Bluntly said…Augie has terrible internet- unless you’re in the library then I find it’s usually alright. For anyone trying to check Facebook, email, do some homework (so, more Facebook), research, etc..its a pain. The fact that most of the time it takes my computer FOREVER to connect to the internet and load whatever website I’m trying to […]

Carefree Times in the Library

 Though the library is the place to get much work done Kristen and I are not very good at that. While others were at their steady pace of doing homework Kristen and I went on an adventure with our friend Jasen’s camera. This picture is one of the many that was taken. Now, don’t let […]

Week 5!!!

Wow…thats all I can say!!!!  Having fall break and then thanksgiving break in a matter of about three weeks is so nice, but then as soon as your back, it seems like all the teachers are trying to fit EVERYTHING in before we go on break.  I can understand that having a big break makes […]

Week 10!!!

So it’s week ten and wow has this first term at Augustana flown by!!  It seems like just yesterday I was moving in.  The only bad part about it being week ten is the fact that it seems like all the teachers are trying to cram everything they haven’t done in the last week or […]

Finally getting adjusted to college….

Hey everyone, Were now halfway through the first trimester and I finally feel like I’m getting used to the college life.  At first it was weird trying to juggle the homework load and all the extra free time.  In high school, I hardly ever had any homework and if I did, I finished it all […]