A window inside life at Augustana College

Carefree Times in the Library

 Though the library is the place to get much work done Kristen and I are not very good at that. While others were at their steady pace of doing homework Kristen and I went on an adventure with our friend Jasen’s camera. This picture is one of the many that was taken. Now, don’t let […]

Freshmen Year!!!

Its week 8 of my last trimester as a freshmen here at Augustana.  I know its totally cliche to say how time has flown by…BUT IT HAS!!! It seems like just yesterday I was hauling my clothes up the stairs of Erikson wondering how this year was going to go.  Like most freshmen I had […]

Week one of Winter Term….

So its already week one of winter term and it seems like it should only be halfway through fall term!  I love how Augustana does trimesters instead of the semester schedule.  Instead of having to worry about five classes at a time, we only have to worry about four and occasionally only three.  Yes, these […]