A window inside life at Augustana College

Spring Term 2013: A New Beginning Thanks to Pledging

A new term, and perhaps a new start. That is the mind set I am going in with. For many of us, it is the start of the pledging process, weather you are pledging COG, DON, OZO, CAP, you are about to venture on a journey that will change your life. Now that the first […]

Kesem Means Magic

For many of us, cancer is an unavoidable topic. It is mentioned while talking about our friends, relatives, pets, and even our parents. While cancer surrounds all of us in ways that seem overwhelming or even consuming, to be a child between the ages of 6-13, this feeling is much greater! When I was between […]

Rooming with my Best Friend

When most people heard that my best friend and I were to be rooming together, all I got as a response was an unenthusiastic ‘that’s nice’ or an ‘aren’t you guys going to get sick of each other?’ Personally, I was so glad to be able to experience something completely new with someone that I […]

Mentor or Friend

Can professor’s, employer’s, or administrator’s maintain a balance between their role as a facilitator or ‘boss’ and be considered a friend at the same time? During my time studying in East Asia I have gotten to know the professor’s and the different directors a good amount. After spending weeks together with one another -students and faculty- […]

“Friends How Many of Us have Them”

One of the scariest things about leaving high school and going away to college is the fesr of being alone and losing those close friends, in which you have been acustomed to. But its one of the best feelings in the world when you meet a new friend and you wonder “where has this person […]

Track at Augustana

Hey everyone! Wow has this first term went by!!!  It seems like just yesterday I was moving everything in to my dorm, and going to my first track practice.  I remember being so nervous to go to my first practice because I did not know what to expect at all.  I did not know what […]