A window inside life at Augustana College

Senior Year WHAT???

So, my last post hasn’t been since sophomore year of College! I apologize for all my viewers to which we were redesigning the website, so I wasn’t on for a long time. I can’t believe it is Senior year. What does senior year even mean? Well, I will tell you one thing, it is a […]

What is it like being an Augustana Viking?

We have all heard about my blabbing experience thus far as an Augustana Viking, but what about some of the other exotic Freshmen, who are just now taking a step into a WHOLE NEW WORLD?  I personally went around and asked some of my fellow classmates to get an insight of what their personal experience has […]

My First Semester of College (in Memes)

So, it should go without saying that I am a freshman, but I said it anyway because, hey, why not? Anyway, this entire experience has been a really interesting time in my life so I’ve decided to put my insomnia to use and vaguely chronicle my first semester of college adventures with the use of […]

A quick Tuesday night post

Hello again! Tonight I worked the women’s basketball game against Clarke University which Augustana won 80-60, a pretty good win over a team that was 6-3 coming into the contest.  Working in the sports information office as much as I do, I know where to find interesting statistics such as Augustana women’s basketball has never […]

Freshman Year Fall Term in Pictures

Hello readers! (AKA hey Mom, Dad and that kid I paid $5 to read this and tell me how great it is)   Welcome to my very first Augie blog! I’m very excited to be giving you a look at Augustana life from my point of view.  I remember reading through these blogs when I […]

Already Week 3???

Whoever does not believe time flies fast is all sorts of crazy. I cannot believe that week three is about to begin, its seems like only yesterday I arrived.. and I have been here 2 weeks longer than most people because of work! This just shows how amazing Augustana truly is, my friends and everything […]

Final Day of My Turtle Internship

The past 3 months I have been in Swansboro, North Carolina at Hammocks Beach State Park studying loggerhead sea turtles on Bear Island. This internship has given me more than I could have asked for. Having just finished my Freshman year everyone told me that Freshman do not get internships, and I am proud to […]

Surviving Your First Year

There are so many things that you will encounter in College, but the important thing is to know how to get out of those sticky situations.  As I come to an end on my first year here at Augustana, I have encountered or heard about a number of interesting situations. Lets begin. People are using […]

Week 7

The end of my freshman year is coming to a close, and I just cannot believe how quickly everything has flown by!  I am in the process of declaring my major (Biology and Spanish) and picking my classes for next year!!! YIKES! I feel bad for the seniors that are coming to an end at […]

Dreen Team

So here it is, the time has come for my first year dorm room.  At first when I saw the other dorms at Westerlin I was jealous (mostly because of their huge bathrooms!!) but I’m very happy that Andreen is my dorm room this year.  Westerlin may have the cafeteria and c-store but it is […]