A window inside life at Augustana College

Is it possible to grow tired of sleeping?

Um, perhaps? Since starting my fall break Monday of finals week (because I’m the bomb dig and got done early) I’ve been sleeping in. At first, it was strictly involuntarily and my mom was rather peeved. As a result, I helped her out around the house in the morning, taking short naps when she wasn’t […]

Campus in the Fall.

 I just finished my final paper before starting my fall break. One thing that helped me relax while trying to study for finals, was pulling out my camera on campus for the first time. I am really going to miss the beauty of campus in the fall. The leaves look perfect. By the time the […]

You know it’s week 10 when…

For this week I have some observations about week 10 (the last weeks of classes when there are papers, projects and exams left and right). You know it’s week 10 when… The wireless is super slow in the library because the place is packed, You can’t find sit at your regular spot in the library […]

My First Time!

So I have lived in Aurora, IL my entire life, until this past August when I moved to the Rock Island area to come to Auggie. And for the first time over fall break I had my first train ride to Chicago. For those of you who don’t know Aurora is only like 45 minutes […]