A window inside life at Augustana College

Know You’re Not Alone

Week 2 is almost done! Just one more class to go. (: I’ve accomplished a lot this week. I finished my first LSFY paper. HALLELUJAH! That was not a pleasant experience; so much work went into the paper. I hope it turns out well… So different from any paper I wrote in high school, and […]

Welcome to Augie!

So welcome week has come to an end, activity after activity. Each has been so much fun! Well except the hour speech about ITS on Monday… I knew almost all of what she had told us, plus it can all be found online… Then I was stepped on by guys when they pushed their way […]

Starting New

It’s a little weird not being in High School anymore. I would be watching TV and suddenly remember that I am not an High School-er, I’m in college now. Now that some of my days are extremely busy and others are extremely boring I have been getting used to this new-found freedom of stupid busy work […]

A Cold Day in Autumn

There’s a stretch of rural road near Cambridge, Illinois where suddenly the pavement finds itself reduced, narrowed and flanked by grasses. It is a surrounding that seems at once altogether foreign and yet so fundamentally familiar as one climbs the hill through the waving seed-heads. Whenever I find myself along this stretch (a rather frequent occurrence), […]

Top 5 reasons why October is the best month of the year

5) Leaves are falling off the trees – Augustana is gorgeous in the fall! Walking down the slough path, it feels like you are in a sea of oranges, reds, and yellows. It is so wonderful walking through piles of leaves, kicking them as you go from class to class. Augustana has so many trees, […]

5 Things!

Another week come and gone, and let me say, this one went fast! I swear yesterday was Monday… Anyways, for this blog I thought I’d share 5 things that are making me happy this week! #1: Post-its! My favorite system of organization by far. I swear, I have like 20 on my desk right now […]

Childhood Catches Up

Well, to be honest- it’s been a struggling week, what with allergies, being sick, and midterms, yuck.  However….thankfully the weekend has much in store! Which brings me to my next point: Childhood, and the fact that mine has never really left me.  For example, tonight I will be going with a group of rambunctious friends for the […]

Ive Never Been Happier to Wake Up In My Own Bed

I opened my bleary eyes at around 11:00 this morning, to a cool, peaceful, dark room all to myself (my roommate slept elsewhere last night). I instantly sensed that it was cloudy and raining outside through the open windows, my favorite weather. I had slept wonderfully, after not having been able to sleep this late or […]