A window inside life at Augustana College


College is all about trying new things, right? Honestly, I’m not one who is usually open to new things..I like to stick to what I know. A few weeks back some friends invited me and my roommate to play tennis. I literally laughed at the thought of playing tennis. 1. I’m not too athletic, scratch […]

It’s hard to admit it, but they were right!

Before starting college we were all bombarded with advice. Try new things, buy your books online, don’t party too much, etc… Let’s be honest, we didn’t pay much attention to some of the things we were told becuase we didn’t think they would be true, for example: Most of your assignments will  be reading…TRUE! Whenever […]

Well that was fun…

So I woke up today thinking it was going to be like any other winter day….cold and windy  but when I got outside I realized I would have much rather preferred it to be just that.  Instead, I got cold, windy, rainy, and icy.  At first, I was not to hot for the ice…haha get…but […]

Week one of Winter Term….

So its already week one of winter term and it seems like it should only be halfway through fall term!  I love how Augustana does trimesters instead of the semester schedule.  Instead of having to worry about five classes at a time, we only have to worry about four and occasionally only three.  Yes, these […]

Finally getting adjusted to college….

Hey everyone, Were now halfway through the first trimester and I finally feel like I’m getting used to the college life.  At first it was weird trying to juggle the homework load and all the extra free time.  In high school, I hardly ever had any homework and if I did, I finished it all […]