A window inside life at Augustana College

Augustana People: Connor “Not Alex Bowers” Cummings

Because I believe in equality and that Elvis is currently living in Milwaukee, I wanted to gain further insight into the male psyche at Augustana. The mind of an Augustana man is one of great complication. Our previous subject of interrogation was our marvelous Kwilli (holla). This time it is the magnanimous Connor Cummings. This […]

Final Day of My Turtle Internship

The past 3 months I have been in Swansboro, North Carolina at Hammocks Beach State Park studying loggerhead sea turtles on Bear Island. This internship has given me more than I could have asked for. Having just finished my Freshman year everyone told me that Freshman do not get internships, and I am proud to […]

Turtle internship: WE HAVE TURTLES!

For those of you that do not know, I am on an internship in Swansboro, North Carolina at Hammocks Beach State Park on Bear Island studying loggerhead sea turtles. I arrived to the island on May 19th with high hopes of learning valuable skills that will help me in my future career endeavors. The first […]

Turtle internship update!

For those of you who do not know, I am in Swansboro, North Carolina studying the nesting patterns of Loggerhead sea turtles. I began my internship on May 20th and will be continuing until August 5th. We had our first turtle on Monday June 3 at 1:45 AM. The only problem was it was a […]

Day one of turtle internship: Dissection, Protocol, and Patrol

I performed my first turtle dissection yesterday. It was one of the coolest, yet grossest things I have done so far.  The turtle we dissected was found on the beach prior to my arrival and was frozen until the start of the intern training.  Using this turtle we learned how and where to tag the […]

Internship in NC: Turtle time!

Today we start our training for tagging and collecting samples of loggerhead sea turtles.  I have never been so excited in my life!  I have been on Bear Island for 4 days now, and I already feel right at home.  There are 3 other interns here with me, all boys (Jeremy, Caleb, and David).  Jeremy […]

I graduated!

I’m officially an alumni of Augustana College! It’s weird because I think it hasn’t completely sunk in yet. I just wanted to thank all my professors, family, friends and especially my parents for getting me to this point in my life. I couldn’t have gotten to this point in my life without all of them […]

Surviving Your First Year

There are so many things that you will encounter in College, but the important thing is to know how to get out of those sticky situations.  As I come to an end on my first year here at Augustana, I have encountered or heard about a number of interesting situations. Lets begin. People are using […]

Week 7

The end of my freshman year is coming to a close, and I just cannot believe how quickly everything has flown by!  I am in the process of declaring my major (Biology and Spanish) and picking my classes for next year!!! YIKES! I feel bad for the seniors that are coming to an end at […]

Spring Term 2013: A New Beginning Thanks to Pledging

A new term, and perhaps a new start. That is the mind set I am going in with. For many of us, it is the start of the pledging process, weather you are pledging COG, DON, OZO, CAP, you are about to venture on a journey that will change your life. Now that the first […]