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About the AugieBlog

Augustana Spring 2008Welcome to the AugieBlog, where you can experience Augustana through the adventures and insights of our student bloggers.

Find out how to navigate your first year on campus, where to make friends, how to choose among half-a-dozen likely majors, who to ask for every kind of advice, where the ghost lives, how to get from your room over the hills of campus to the weight-training room in two minutes flat, where to go in the Quad Cities, which club sports to join, what are the funniest faculty quirks, which internships have inspired others, how to choose your Augie Choice, how to travel overseas and complete your studies in four years, how to get your dream grad program, where’s the best view to snap sunset on the Mississippi, how you’ll bring Augie with you as you head into the new, complex world of possibility.

Of course it will be different for you—with your experience shaped by your own character, intellect and spirit. But when you connect with these everyday Augie experts, you’ll begin to see yourself at Augustana.

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