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Am I really 21??

The year is 2016 and I feel like my years are slipping away in seconds. I remember graduating High School like it was yesterday. I remember doing my first play in 4th grade. Where has it all gone?! Many people may not admit that they are growing up, but it is true for many students going through college. Yes, people are probably thinking,

“why are you so worried? You are living the best years of your life! You are 21.”

Yes, I am 21, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t miss my childhood and wanting to be a kid again. College is a wonderful time, but parts of me feel like everything is speeding past me and that I can’t keep up with it all. One moment I am barely thinking about college and the next moment, I am already halfway through college. It just all slips by.

I have only been 21 for about 2 months now, but I am still thinking that I am 16 or something. I am already having to witness people I knew in high school, become adults themselves, which means I am simply getting older as well. The Millennials can no longer play in a sand box. There is no prom to go to. All that remains of us is Class of 2021!

My mind is blown everyday by time. My baby cousins are all going into 5th grade or high school. It all just needs to stop >_<

Well, there is nothing I can do in terms of stopping time, but what I can do is just live every moment to the fullest and that I should treat everyday as if it were my last. Yes, school is important, but trying new things is what it is all about. The point of this blog post is to not simply vent my fear of age, but to tell everyone after me to simply not be afraid of trying new things, especially @AUGIE! I have gotten involved in so many things that I would have never thought I would be doing.

I have done the following:

  1. Viking Pups
  2. Camp KESEM
  3. APO Fraternity
  4. Habitat for Humanity
  5. SGA (Student Govt.)
  6. Volunteering in Admissions
  7. Augie Blog
  8. Club EDUC.
  9. Working for OSL as a First-Year Mentor
  10. Tutoring
  11. Varsity Swimming
  12. Leadership Academy
  13. Being able to Talk to a NAVY Recruiter (Who knew that would ever happen??)
  14. Working in the Dining Hall
  15. Gender and Sexuality Alliance
  16. Met and made amazing friends
  17. Built great professional relationships with peers/professors/and faculty

This list could go on forever, but just remember, the more involved you are now, the better it can be for you to build your own AUGIE Experience.

Comment below on what has been your favorite moment, activity, or memory of AUGIE? Also, what was something you feared, but was able to overcome while being here?


Thanks guys!

12 Responses to “Am I really 21??”

  1. What a great list, Tyler! What academic milestones or notable events would you list as well?

  2. It’s true time seems to go by very quickly and it seems to get faster as we age, or at least our perception of time. Be happy that you’re only 21, I am 33 now and let me tell you, it’s not fun. Time seemed to go by so slowly all through my childhood, up until my mid-twenties and now I feel as if it’s just flying by. Maybe the adage “time flies, when you’re having fun” holds some truth.

    Very impressive list by the way and it would seem as if you keep yourself really busy which is probably why you perceive time as going by so quickly. I’ve heard before that keeping your mind engaged and continuously learning and trying new things is supposed to be the key to slowing our perceptions of time.

  3. keren… i like it

  4. 21 is harsh for me to remember.

  5. College is the time to get out there and explore what you love and what you may never have experienced before. It’s great that you’re doing so much with your time. Don’t let opportunities pass you by. Otherwise next thing you know you’re twice as old and full of regrets.

  6. “the more involved you are now, the better it can be for you to build your own AUGIE Experience”
    True and clever words, mate!
    You’re an edge guy.
    Thanks for the post.

  7. Huge achievements you got there! Keep it up Tyler!

  8. Great article Tyler!

  9. Hi Tyler,

    Great list, however keep in mind it’s never been about the destination it’s all about the journey!

  10. That is great list, Tyler!


  11. what you have done is more than enough.. keep it up

  12. Keep adding the things that you haven’t done into your list. You must do all the things before you start your own family. Once you already getting married. You will find it difficult to do all the things..

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