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Say Something To Yourself!

Hello everyone,

I am sorry for not posting in months, but I am back at it again. I miss doing this and haven’t forgotten about it. Today, I wanted to focus on talking about finding ourselves and getting through hard times, because college can be a struggle and stressful on the mind. I can tell you from personal experience that pounding yourself down is not fun at all.

For anyone who is reading this and hasn’t attended college yet, I want you to think to yourself, “Why do I want to be in school?” or “Why am about to pay $50,000 a year for school?” Whatever your answer may be, all I want you to know is that you aren’t the only one who thinks about these questions.  I think about these questions to get through conflicts and to NOT GIVE UP every second of my life. It is normal to think and doubt, but one thing that shouldn’t be acceptable is just giving up. Augustana may surprise you once you get on campus or it will still be just as amazing as you thought it was when you first stepped on Augie soil.

This may seem cliche, but college is about finding yourself and making friendships that last surprisingly a very long time. Some friends may not end up being your friends in the end, but knowing that you found those special people in your lives is an amazing feeling. I couldn’t get through some situations without the help from my classmates, peers, and friends, especially family. You can never go it alone whether you think you can or not. Just like sports and clubs, we all work together to make up that organization or group. Us as an entire class is what makes Augustana so great.

So many of these bloggers that try to express their experiences to you as an audience, they aren’t trying to bore you or say that you are doing something wrong, but to show that you are not alone if you feel a certain way. So many of us have a wide variety of experiences and I love sharing my own personal reactions and stories that go on throughout my first year as a college student.

As I write at this very moment, I am sharing the knowledge that I am taking in from experiences. Just a few weekends ago, I found out I was put into Purple unit for Camp Kesem, which is what I wanted and I was so excited. I get to work with 6-8 year old’s and it will be fun. Volunteering makes me feel good about myself and every student should get involved outside of campus or on. That is what makes the Augie experience an experience to remember.

Just today, I turned in my first Sociology Analysis essay on the research about early student life on campus and what it was like. What defined the Student Augie Experience? What has changed compared to then to know? I found so many amazing historical facts and scrapbooks that students that went to Augie, my school, everyone’s school.

It is the excitement to learn and to expand on what we already have a grip on in our education. Building relations with my new BIG (a fraternity or sorority big brother or sister: Soon to be discovered for Class of 2020) is amazing. She is funny, caring and really appreciates my excitement. I am pledging for APO (Alpha Phi Omega: A national service fraternity, NOT a Social fraternity).  I am excited and eager to see where this new family will lead me and what the future has in store. One more exciting thing that went one is I finally DECLARED MY MAJOR. I am officially an Elementary Education major, but if you are wondering for those that aren’t at Augie yet, the earliest you are aloud to declare is Spring Term during your first year.

I have a lot of new exciting things to look forward to in the next few weeks, but I will continue to keep you up to date! Love you all and please share these blogs, not just personally my own, but all of them. We all love sharing to others, even if they aren’t attending our college.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! Also, CONGRATS to Meghan Cooley for her 4th miracle to arrive this fall and thanks for simply being amazing to all of us as students and bloggers.




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  1. Hey, Tyler. Congrats on your major!

  2. Thanks for the shout out – you do a great job on your blog. Your willingness to give an honest, genuine view of the first year here is really special. It’s great to read!

  3. Congrats Tyler, education is a good choice.. Good luck!

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