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.:A Case of the Mondays:.

Well it’s Monday…of Week 9…and that’s enough to have Augustana students groaning at the mere thought of the waves of fatigue, the endless mountain of term papers, and the floods of coffee that will fill the next few weeks, especially finals week as we all know. We all know how awful Mondays can be…but as we go into this dreary Monday of Week 9 I thought it’d be important to take some time out of the day to remind everyone just how far a little bit of optimism can go. It’s surprising how much a smile, someone holding the door, or receiving a compliment can really brighten someone’s day. So why not go through your Monday-or sometimes the whole week-being grumpy and irritated? Mondays happen, and they’re not going to go away anytime soon so why not make the best of them? Mondays are the start of a new week: a chance to start a fresh week off and make a difference in your life and the lives of others. Mondays are the days that set the mood for the rest of the work or academic week. Studies have shown that if people have a bad Monday, subsequently they will view the rest of the week in a negative sense. You have a chance to make and start your week off great. Only YOU have this ability. While it is influenced by the actions of others, it is all on how you perceive and handle these actions. In this department, a positive attitude can move mountains. So, if you wake up Monday morning and roll out of bed and grumble and groan about how terrible your day will be, then it will be just that. With this attitude, how will the rest of your week be? If you go into every day with a negative attitude, how much will you accomplish? How much of the good in daily life will you miss? I understand that we are all guilty of this moaning and groaning on Mondays, myself included. However, Monday is the first day of your school and work week. Why not wake up and dress up and eat a good breakfast and listen to your favorite songs and go to class early? Why not say “Good morning!” or “Hello” to the people you see on your walk to class, or the amazing faculty here at Augie that takes care of you every day of the academic year. Why not  offer compliments to the people you see on your walks to class, in your classes, or even when you’re at work interacting with other students and coworkers. Just doing a few simple positive acts on your dreary Monday can really help brighten your day, even if Illinois won’t. (Thanks a lot Mother Nature) So while I know it is Monday of Week 9, let’s all try and put on a brave and positive face Augie. We can get through these next few Mondays. Let’s spread the good vibes and all try a little bit harder to go into these final few weeks of the term positive.

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