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A busy Augie kid? I’ve never heard of such a thing!

Let’s be completely honest with one another, being busy just comes with going to Augustana. It’s not a bad kind of busy, it’s just because we all love to be involved in so many things, learn through new experiences, and make connections with those around us. Personally, my week usually entails classes, a few work shifts, sorority meetings/events, occasional Psi Chi duties, and making time for my friends (and up until recently, graduate school applications). But often, I forget to leave time for one thing: myself. I get so caught up in planning my schedule, remembering to attend all my meetings and do all my homework that I don’t schedule too much time for things I want to do by myself. I really love to read, and have a shelf full of books that I’m slowly, slowly getting through. I love to watch Netflix (as we all do), and am currently catching up on a few shows. Now, my mom will tell you that I spend tons of time doing what I want to do, and sure, some days that’s certainly true! But there are so many days that I finish up my day by doing my homework at night, and then I go straight to bed. Yes, it’s a good feeling to be finished with all my responsibilities for the day, but what about that short amount of “quiet time” to re-center myself?


I think it’s really important to schedule even a half hour in your day to do something for yourself. That could be reading, writing in a journal (or a blog post, haha), watching an episode on Netflix, crafting, cooking, napping…whatever you want. Just don’t forget to make at least a small amount of time in your day for the most important person in your life: you.

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  1. Jennifer, nice post. “Augie kids” are busy, you are right. And it sounds like you fit the mold. You are smart to consider your need for time for yourself.

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